Sunday, May 24, 2009

Official Investigations & Security Services, Inc. signs contract to provide armed security services.

Official Investigations & Security Services, Inc. has signed a contract to provide on-call, special event, armed security services to Newport Aquarium located at Newport on the Levee in Newport, KY.

The first event was Friday night, May 22, 2009, in a fundraiser hosted by the Wiz, a local radio station.

Over 1000 people were in attendance.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Support Ohio HB 129

Official Investigations & Security Services, Inc. supports Vermont/Alaska style concealed carry in Ohio. Please sign the petition below.

Support Ohio HB 129

Official Investigations & Security Services, Inc. updates its website

Official Investigations & Security Services, Inc. recently revised its website to make it more user friendly.

Here is the example of our investigation services page being organized by need:


Insurance Investigation Field Services

* Surveillance
* Insurance Fraud Investigations: Worker's Compensation, Personal Injury, Life, Auto, and Homeowner's.
* Witness: Locate / Interviews / Protection
* Examinations Under Oath
* Accident Reconstruction
* Stolen Auto & Construction Equipment: Identification & Recovery
* Undercover Operatives
* DNA: Forensic Testing
* Drug Testing: Urine, Hair, or Residue

Domestic Investigation Field Services

* Surveillance
* Child Custody Investigations
* GPS Tracking: Passive and Live
* DNA / Forensic / Paternity Testing
* Hidden Nanny Camera Sales & Installation
* Adolescent/Spousal Drug Testing: Urine, Hair, or Residue

Retail/Business Investigation Field Services

* Debtor Asset / Liability Interviews
* Auto & Property Repossession
* Corporate / Competitor Intelligence Investigations
* Hidden Camera Sales & Installation
* Secret Shopper
* Undercover Operatives: Employee Theft, Drug Sale or Abuse

COMPUTER / FIELD Locate Services

* Probate Investigations - Locating heirs
* Unclaimed Funds and/or Property Retrieval
* Lost, Missing, and Runaway Children
* Missing Adults
* Adoption Reunion Services

Computer Services

* Cell Phone Analysis: Text Message Retrieval, Picture Retrieval, Call Logs
* Skip Tracing
* Criminal Background Checks / Warrant checks
* Driving Record Histories
* Pre-employment Investigations
* Premarital Investigations
* Credit Reports (with FCRA Allowable Reason or Signed Release)
* Bankruptcy, Lien, and Judgment Reports
* Property Records
* Bank Account Searches
* Place of Employment Searches
* Pre-Tenant Background Screening

In addition we have added a free link to the Dru Sjodin national sex offender database.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Insurance claimant settles lawsuit after getting caught lying under oath

Official Investigations & Security Services, Inc was retained to conduct surveillance on a subject in the Dayton, Ohio area. During the process of our investigation and surveillance, it was uncovered that the subject was working as an independent contractor for a moving and storage company.

Upon notifying my client, the claimant's attorney was notified of the discovery. The lawsuit was dismissed and settled for a minimal amount in exchange for the claimant not being prosecuted for insurance fraud and perjury.


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